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About Us

Instant Decision Loans was originally part of the GreyWing group of websites. The site was owned and operated by GreyWing designs. GreyWing operates in many different fields and used to own and operate several different loan and financial brands in the UK.

The "Instant Decision Loans" brand was launched back in 2008 and has since helped thousands of people to obtain finance. The types of borrowers that IDL is aimed at are those who have struggled to be accepted by mainstream lenders. This would often cause them to complete multiple applications across a number of websites, taking up both time and effort. Not to mention the multiple credit searches being done on someone's credit file.

Back in the days of the OFT regulating the industry, we used to lend money directly. Since the FCA took over, we decided to take a back step and cease lending because the industry was becoming a confused place to operate.

We hope to return to direct lending in the near future that would be after the Financial Conduct Authority completes its assessment of our application to return to lending. When we do return, we will return as part of Quick Loans Ltd - a company that owns over 30 of the web's top lending brands.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide that one place on the internet that has grouped together those lenders who are willing to offer an Instant Decision to your application. 

We do not work with any lender who charges upfront fees for loans.

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