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We are here to help, we are based right here in the UK with staff that speak your langauge. Our customers need to know that if they need us, we are only a phone call away from being able to help. 

One problem that we cannot help with unfortunately is those people who have been victims of calls from people pretending to be calling on beahlf of Instant Decision Loans and asking for upfront payments for loans. We never cold call anyone and we will certainly never ask anyone for money to cover any types of fees or insurances.

If you have been contacted in this manner and haven't yet handed over money - Don't. That is the last you will ever see of it.

If you have already handed over money to the scammers, the first thing to do is to stop and don't hand over anymore money to them. Unfortunately we have never seen anyone ever get any of their money back. The only thing you can do is contact Action Fraud. These are the most useless Government agency that is currently operating, yes they are that bad. They won't do anything for you, but at least you will have registered it.

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