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Now was promised to give an instant decision to any application through secure loan up to a maximum of £25,000. Although we are aware that around 18% of their applications will end up being referred for a decision by post.

NatWest have promised that any applicant who is loans approved will receive their cash by the end of the next working day. They promised no setup fees and instead will rely on one simple interest rate to make their profit. All repayments are fixed and not rise and fall with the Bank of England interest rates, or Libor.

There rate for a £5000 loan over 3 years is:

Representative 11.9% (Fixed
£164.40 per month * 36 months

Total Repayable £5918.40


Editors Review

Our review of NatWest's personal loan is that is overpriced. They have a very strict lending criteria that means many of the applicants will be turned down, even if they have banked with them for years. In Fact customer loyalty seems to have no real sway on whether an application is accepted or not.

For those people who have got the ability to be accepted by NatWest, there are cheaper loans available on the market. We would advise the head towards those in apply with them, some are as low as 7.5% APR 

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