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Royal Bank of Scotland - Credit Card

Now we don't know whether we can justify putting this on our site, they claim to have the ability to give an instant decision but doesn't appear to be tru when we tested it. In fact wheen we put in out test details, it told us to close the page and then that was it. We are still unsure to exactly what has happened or what the decision was.

It maybe that they are going to send it through the post of something but we don't think it counts as a instant decision in any way. We would expect to qualify for our site it it gives you a "Yes, No or referred". We got non of these and despite the claims from their website that it would. 

We decided to include it on our site for people to check for themselves but we are giving this a score of 0 out of 10 because it just didn't do what it said and people wanting that answer will be dissapointed with this site. Anyone wanting to know a answer to their credit card or loan application will probably want to check out one of the other lenders and stay away from the RBS.



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