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Terms and Conditions

General Pre-Application Terms


1)      If “instant decision loans” is able to approve the loan application. The agreement will be between the person named in the application and the Quick Loans Network trading.

2)      If we are not able to approve the loan application but one of our partner sites is able to approve the application. The agreement will then be between the person named in the application and that particular lender. Neither this site nor the Quick Loans Network will be involved any further and will not be privy to any details of the agreement

Where are the loan conditions?

The specific terms and conditions of the loan will be provided after the application has been submitted. This is because the credit status of the applicant will determine which lender if any is able to lend to them.

Different lenders have different terms and conditions. By giving specific terms and conditions now, some applicants may see it as misleading if after they have applied those terms and conditions were to change.

Upon approval by lender, those terms and conditions will be clearly displayed for the applicant to read before agreeing to any loan product. In addition to the terms and conditions being displayed, all charges and costs of the loan will clearly be displayed.

Accuracy of Information

You agree that the information you provide was will be accurate and not misleading. Any agreement will be made upon the information you have provided us with. You agree that we can share any information you give us with other loan providers and credit reference agencies in order for us to reduce fraud. It may harm any future loan applications you attempt if information you give us detected as fraudulent.

Liabilities of the loan

The person named in the agreement is the one responsible should the debt not be repaid. We do not allow guarantors, nor do we allow the debt liabilities of the debt to be transferred with third-party any time during the time the loans outstanding.

Complaints procedure

We have an ongoing commitment to fair with our applicants and borrowers. We welcome any customer who wishes to raise issues with us. We urge all our customers to contact us so we can go right any complaints. We promise to act fairly unreasonable manner of times.


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