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Wednesday, 19 March 2014 12:04

Budget Day Hits The Poor Again

It is that time of year again when the budget comes and we are hit with more taxes. This year will be no different from the many that have past. Taxes don't usually go up or down, the Government just changes the way in which they raise them.

What is almost forgotten in all the media sham is whether or not our national debt is going up or down, or even if our deficit is going up or down. That is what the budget should be about. Instead the media have turned it into an issue about 1p on this or 1p on that and it is totally missing the issue of what the budget should be about.

For the sake of this country the media have to start focusing on the amount of money the Government has or does not have. It is important because the interest we pay on debt is huge and the main leakage of capital out of the UK to other countries. We pay £12 million a day on debt interest, we get rid of the debt and then we have £12 million a day to spend on those that really need it.

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