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Monday, 27 January 2014 02:32

Cameron does not understand the housing crisis

Recently David Cameron has been publicly praising what he considers to be a huge success with the Help to Buy scheme.

The recent campaign promoting the scheme showed us heart-warming pictures of Cameron and what looked to be a young single mother and her toddler, struggling their way through the world, in need of government help with housing.

It has been revealed in an anonymous blog that the poster-girl was in fact a fairly wealthy estate agent, who was able to buy her flat through the firm she works for… How embarrassing.

Critics of the campaign have speculated that she owned a pricey company car, the entire thing was faked, and that the girl did not even own the flat that she and Cameron spent the afternoon in, laughing over tea and biscuits.

The scheme itself is well represented by this deceitful campaign, as it is not the ideal solution many people stuck in renting would be seeking.

Help to Buy has not done nearly as well as the government thought it would. People are realising that it is as effective as a sticking a plaster over the gaping wound that is the housing problem. People are having a great deal of difficulty just starting a career because they are too tied up in worries about mortgages. Living in London is becoming even more difficult, and people can no longer afford train fairs to commute if they live further away.

It is obvious that David Cameron does not truly understand, or indeed care about, the necessity to get the housing market sorted out. Rather then spending his time holding hands with fake poster girls, playing the philanthropist, he should turn his attention to providing people with a scheme that is going to work.

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