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Thursday, 26 April 2018 18:55

Public sector workers including NHS staff most regular emergency loan customers

We take great pride in helping people out when they get into an unpleasant financial situation. For years we have faced the wrath of the mainstream media for offering such loan packages, but let’s be fair, we’ve helped far more people than they (the media) will ever let you know about and have a reputation that is unrivaled in this field.

We also take pride in helping people out that work hard but, for one reason or another, struggle to make ends meet. With this above in mind, we weren’t shocked in the least when we started reading the headlines this morning.

Plastered across the biggest tabloids in this country was the news that people who work for the NHS were the set of people most likely to apply for an emergency loan.

The media tend to let people believe that only the poorest in society apply for these kinds of financial leg ups, but the fact of the matter is, that ideology is way off the mark.

Online financial services like Quick Loans help people who work hard but struggle to make ends meet at the end of the month. We have been saying this for years and now recent ‘data’ has proved this.

According to latest figures, public service workers top the list when it comes to applying for emergency loans. Council workers and NHS staff are the biggest applicants with many saying that their wages simply do not cover their cost of living.

NHS staff working in large cities such as London and Leeds were especially prone to applying for a loan with city living appearing to eat into every piece of their monthly wage.

The research highlighted that people employed by the NHS applied for more emergency loans than anybody else working for any other business / organisation. Loan help was also regularly sought by people working for well-known supermarkets, according to the research.

The main crux of this story is that people, from all social classes, and in a variety of jobs, are struggling to make ends meet. Despite the mainstream media trying to convince everyone that emergency loan sites are purely trying to get people trapped in a debt tomb, the opposite scenario keeps occurring.

People from well off backgrounds and people employed in highly regarded and well-paid roles are falling just as hard because of the cost of living, and without loan sites would be completely helpless.

There has been talk for many years about NHS staff not getting what they are worth, and this latest data certainly seems to prove that. The cost of living is also a big culprit; food and energy bills are constantly rising, and people just can’t keep up with the outgoings.

People should look to reign in their spending on things that are non-essential if they are struggling to make ends meet. Social outgoings, in most cases, can be massively reduced if people have the drive and determination. Quite often people don’t want to give up their nights out and their dinner dates but, unfortunately, if people don’t want to be in a position where they can’t afford to pay their bills at the end of the month, something has to give.

People have the mindset that they ‘deserve’ to have nights out and ‘deserve’ to see their favourite band in concert because they work hard Monday to Friday. But the top and bottom of the matter is that if you don’t have money to pay bills, you really don’t have money to do anything else.

We completely feel for workers that graft and still have to get financial help, and especially have sympathy for those that have cut all unnecessary spending out of their monthly earnings and still struggle to get by. But we also think that a select number of people need to assess where there spending goes and look to make changes.

It’s never good to be in debt, and constantly applying for loans isn’t a very secure foundation for anyone going forward.

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