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Monday, 21 October 2013 04:54

Union chiefs playing chicken with their members jobs

Leaders of the Unite union who are £100,000 plus per year have decided that it would be a good idea to play chicken with their members jobs. However they could be left with egg on their faces tomorrow as the owners of the Grangemouth refinery decide whether or not to shut the plant and make redundant thousands of workers. Of course it would be no skin off the nose of union leaders if these workers are out of work, it will simply keep their £100,000 salaries and look forward to Christmas warm and secure infront of their fires. It is the workers who believed in them that stand to lose the most.
Ineos, the Swiss-based company that owns Grangemouth have decided that they are no longer willing to play games with the union. Over the last few months, Unite thought that it would be a good idea to threaten them with planned one-day walkouts. They knew that the plant would have to shut down for a week if their members walked out one day because of the time it took to turn off equipment and power it back up. Unfortunately for them Ineos decided to call their bluff so that they are not willing to shut down the plant only to restart it then only to shut it down again a few days later. They requested guarantees from the union they would not strike overwinter. The union was willing to give those guarantees so Ineos so that they will consider closing down the plant for good.
What started as a tactic to save their final salary pension has (thanks to the union) now turned into a fight for their jobs. Grangemouth plant has lost over 500 million in the last four years, they may have been looking for an excuse to close the plant anyway. From the outside it looks like they were lucky enough to find their own Arthur Scargill in the Unite union who walked straight into the trap. The closure of the refinery could mean higher fuel prices throughout Scotland as there is no other refinery north of the bother.

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