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Saturday, 18 November 2017 14:32

Wedding day couples need to wise up with the costs

It's one of the old age questions, how much is too much when it comes to spending on your big day?

According to research highlighted in the Daily Mail, the average cost of a wedding last year was nearly £17,000. Seventeen thousand pounds! Now that is a lot of money for one day.

Over four and a half thousand newly married couples were asked about the cost of their wedding day in order to get to the average figure of £17,000 and many said that even though the figure seemed high they actually tried to save money where they could. They said that they spent the most amount of money on the dress and the venue but when it came to the cake, for instance, they either went to a local bakery, got a friend to do it, or baked it themselves.

It got us thinking, if this is the cost of an average wedding whereby the couple have tried to reduce costs at every avenue, what would the cost really be like if these couples had pushed the boat out so to speak? An eye watering amount most probably.

It also begs the question: 'is all this money worth it for one day?' Another survey done a couple of months prior to these findings showed that over a third of married couples agreed that it isn't worth it, especially when you take into account the very same money would've been a hefty deposit to put down on their first home.

It's quite silly when you think about it. Spending thousands upon thousands of pounds on a day that is basically all for a piece of paper that says you love one another. This money could be put towards a first home together, something that will rise in value and ultimately be of more benefit for both parties in the long term. Yes, marriage is a lovely thing, if you can afford to do it, but you shouldn't blow thousands when the very same thousands could get you on the property ladder, which financially, will mean you are far more secure further down the line.

Don't get us wrong we're not saying don't get married, but keep a level head. If you can scrape together nearly £20,000, imagine what else that £20,000 could be spent on. As opposed to a massive flashy day, sit back and realise what investments could be made.

If you are dead set on getting married, and why wouldn't you be, It's a lovely thing if you're with the right person, then be sure that you have all the nifty tips and tricks under your belt which will ensure you have a great day for a fraction of the cost.

As previously highlighted, catering, including the cake, could and should be done either by yourself or by a close friend who has a forte for that kind of thing. If you have many guests, it can cost a fortune to feed everyone and is something that could easily get out of control. Try and stick to a budget and just do a little buffet for people. People love a buffet anyway, there's no point in going too posh as most people won't appreciate it.

You could also save money on big areas such as flowers and photography. If you have a good camera, why not get someone in the family (who is at least decent with a camera) to snap your big day? When it comes to flowers, a lot of people select their own flowers and arrange them themselves. They also do the table decorations and believe it or not, this saves them hundreds of pounds. It's something worth bearing in mind.

Finally, there is the cost of the honeymoon afterwards. There are people who don't like to skimp on this as this is the time where a newly married couple can properly relax together, away from everyone and with the stress of wedding planning a distant memory.

Just like the wedding day, though, a lot of couples need to realise the importance of the money that they are blowing.

Couples, in our opinion, should  wait a few months for their honeymoon. Doing it this way will mean that any money that was spent on the wedding will  now start building back up again and will help to get things back on an even keel. It will also mean that there is something for the couples to look forward to rather than splashing all the cash and worrying about money the entire time they are away.

By all means people should get married and enjoy their day, but common sense must prevail, especially when money is so tight these days.

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