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Typical Interest Rates

There are two types of loans available through this site. The first is one where InstantDecisionLoans.co.uk lend the money to the applicant. This is our preferred option, it means that this site then gets extra business.

Unfortunately we are not able to accept everyone applies for a loan. In these cases we have extra lenders on our system may be able to make a loan offer. There is no extra work on behalf of the applicant and the applicant does not have to accept any loan is offered to them by the lender.

If the applicant is accepted by the site then we have a representative APR is of 18%, all of our loans are based on 12 monthly repayments. The maximum amount we will lend up to £6000, however we must make it clear that this would only be in exceptional circumstances and people that can display that they do not represent a raised credit risk to others. The average amount of money borrowed from the site is £2000.

If we are unable to make a loan offer but one of the other sites on our network, the sites are told independent of us and not linked was in any way. Then they will make the charges and interest rates quite clear before any loan is accepted by the applicant.

Because of the wide range of lenders on our system, some prime not prime lenders (payday loan lenders). It is impossible to say exactly what the interest rate would be that one of them would offer. What we do to quote the most expensive of these lenders, as far as we aware one of them offers interest rate of 2006% APR and they are a payday loan company loans over a maximum one.

Interest rates and the types of loan offered will always relate to the credit risk credit worthiness of the applicant.

It is important to remember that who ever it is the offers loan to an applicant, all the charges will be clearly displayed before the applicant is able to accept. At no point does the applicant enter into agreement with anyone until they agree. At any point in applicant could simply walk away if they don't like the terms and conditions. No charges or fees will be payable at any point by the applicant for the application of the Administration of the application. 

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